When you think of pickup trucks, you might think of heavy work like towing and hauling, but the GMC Sierra pickup is a great option for campers too.GMC Sierra Pickup is great for camping too

A Built-In Bed for Tent-Camping

Leaving the tailgate down makes an excellent entry-point for pitching a tent inside the truck bed. All you have to do is strap the tent in, toss an air mattress into the truck bed, and voila – you have a comfortable place to sleep that’s not on the cold, hard ground. There are strap-in tents available from GMC Accessories just for this exact reason.

Easy Phone Charging

Have you ever been camping and didn’t have a good place to plug in your phone for charging? When you camp out in a truck, especially the GMC Sierra, consider your problem solved. USB plugs make it easy to power up your phone, even in the middle of nowhere.

Plenty of Storage in the Crew Cab

When you opt for a Crew Cab model of the GMC Sierra, you have an entire rear row in the cabin that you can fold flat for rear floor space. That gives you plenty of room for food, luggage, and other gear you might need to bring along for a weekend of adventuring. Plus, you can lock the doors, making it a secure storage spot.

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