When most of us think of Thanksgiving, we think of turkey roasting, pies baking, and belts loosening just a notch (or three), not about the dangers of driving during November in the windy, wet Midwest. But, with millions of Americans hitting the road to get to Grandma’s house for supper, the Thanksgiving season tends to be a dangerous one in which to drive. Have no fear! Our driving wizards at Linwood Buick GMC Metropolis have compiled a list of travel tips to help you arrive safe and sound this year.

  • If you have a long drive (over two hours), make frequent stops to use the restroom and stretch. This will minimize your chances of “zoning out” on the freeway.
  • Pass around the driving duties between eligible drivers, so no one gets burnt out.
  • Don’t delay in replenishing your fuel tank. When your gas level gets too low in chilly weather, the fuel line can freeze up.
  • Keep an emergency kit in the cabin. Make sure it includes: flares, flashlights, a blanket, snacks, and basic tools.

Travel Safety TipsThe most essential of all our travel safety tips? Never get behind the wheel of an unreliable vehicle. At Linwood Buick GMC, we sell only vehicles we believe are the safest, most reliable options for our customers. Visit us today to get the new car your family deserves.

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